Jim Durkee

Director, Sales

Following college, Jim went to work for AT&T where he developed a passion for the intersection of marketing & technology.  While there, he served as a liaison to the group that developed the very first AT&T public website.  After more than a decade with AT&T he took these passions, added entrepreneurism and founded a software development company.  Over the next five years, that company developed applications that won multiple awards, and obtained clients on six continents and two planets!

After selling that company, he subsequently founded, and ran a half dozen additional companies.  In addition to the work he is doing with Tri-Media, Jim also is co-host of a radio show, "Secrets of Success" and has been so for more than 10 years.

When not working, you are likely to find Jim on a soccer pitch and when near an ocean trying to rekindle his youth on a surboard.  As if he had need for any other projects, Jim is also father to his own little soccer team of eight.